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We believe in the simple practice of sitting still to heal, to elevate and to create change from within. But we know even though meditation is simple it’s not always easy! 
A full schedule, high expectations you put on yourself and dreams so big you’re not sure where to start, sitting daily doesn’t always make the cut. We want to change that.
With ten minutes of guided meditation every single day, you’ll begin to see benefits in the way you feel, think and relate to yourself and the world. But you need to be consistent. That’s why we’re guiding you through a brand new video meditation every single day. There are no menus, no scrolling, no padded out content. You won’t waste anytime trying to decide what lesson to do because we only ever give you one at a time.
Through our minimal platform, you can find space to do what’s important and that’s nothing — to sit in silence and meditate. With daily fresh content and international guest teachers popping in, you’ll feel truly inspired to sit with us every day, making meditation a top priority in your life. 
We begin meditating together mid 2016. Until then, sign up now to get 3 free audio meditations. You’ll then have first dibs on limited pre-sale subscriptions plus get our Sunday Salutations, setting you up for the week ahead. Let us show up for you every day so you can show up for yourself. Together, every day — let’s meditate. Let’s meditate 4ever.

about us




Lacey is a yoga teacher and meditation guide. She’s also a writer and creative renegade. With meditate 4ever, she wanted to create a platform that truly facilitated a lifetime commitment to the path of stillness. Meditation continues to give Lacey a deeper understanding of herself and the world. Her teachings are smiley, profound and accessible. She loves stretching, bright colours and her moustachioed mate.



Flynn is a lighting artist and designer. He’s also a yogi and meditator. With meditate 4ever, he wanted to create something new where people could come into contact with the brightest light of all — the one within. Meditation has brought Flynn so much creative freedom, more self-awareness and a sense of peace that continues to deepen. He loves smoothies, tropical holidays and his wife, Lacey.

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