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on any device

You can easily login and meditate with us on any PC or Mac computer, smart phone, tablet or TV. All you need is an internet connection and our site will be optimised to your screen.




Meditating with meditate 4ever, I felt I was gentler and more aware of my surroundings. I noticed a definite shift in my acceptance of myself / family / situations and even felt humorous about things that went awry!

Belinda Anderson, Trial User - Perth, Australia

get in the habit of peace

Today is a good day to make a commitment to yourself. One where the whole point is to do absolutely nothing for ten minutes each and every day. In this nothingness, this space of meditation, we bet you’ll discover heaps about your thoughts, your dreams, your habits, your health and your beliefs. We think personal quiet time every single day is the key to happiness, self-satisfaction, better relationships, career-success and good health. Seriously.

What you get with mediate 4ever:

  • One brand new video meditation every. single. day.
  • No excess content. No scrolling. No decision-making.
  • Rich & juicy resource section (think yoga classes & support).
  • Weekly email check-ins to inspire & connect.
  • Sunday savasana (a total relaxation session every Sunday).
  • Minimal & carefully designed interface.

We want you to feel:

  • Inspired to meditate with us every day.
  • Less frazzled, worried and anxious.
  • More calm, cool and collected.
  • Better able to connect with yourself and others.
  • More focused.
  • Less uncertain.
  • More YOU.


What I love about this original platform is its playful spirit and delivery — so easy and accessible! — It makes you actually want to meditate every day.

Claire Baker, London

We’re over scrolling and, to be honest, are burnt out on online decision-making. So we thought heck, if we’re going to make a meditation platform it’s got to be, well, meditative.

So we’ve said screw the content. Down with options. Instead, we’re offering you just one video meditation each day. Every 24 hours, a new video slides in and replaces the old one. That means no choices and no repeats. Liberating, right? Just one simple ’n fresh guided session every single day. It’s just like going to real class (without leaving your home). Minimalism and meditation just had an online baby. meditate 4ever is it.