Jerome Braggs on Healing

December 02, 2016


What a treat to talk to The Wellbeing Sherpa himself, Jerome Braggs, all about healing on this week’s Inspiration Session. We all have parts of our lives that need healing. Learn the secrets Jerome has used with thousands of clients to help them heal and embrace a deeper level of wellbeing. AND let his infectious positivity and radiance fill your heart!


Jerome Braggs, affectionately known as “The Wellbeing Sherpa,” is a highly-attuned medical intuitive, channel, speaker, and master teacher of wellbeing, self-love and the Law of Attraction. Jerome graduated from Morehouse College with a degree in Psychology and the dream of helping heal the world by becoming the next Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. But his soul had another dream for him, to help him heal the world by first healing and becoming more of himself…


Anita Wing Lee on Surrender

November 24, 2016

This week on our meditate 4ever Inspiration Sessions we’re über delighted to be hearing from Anita Wing Lee on the topic of surrender. Surrender is one of those words people aren’t totally sure how to feel about. It can spark images of setting down arms or throwing your hands in the air and giving up altogether.

But Anita is here to give you a fresh perspective! What if the idea of surrender became one of total freedom, openness and acceptance in your life? What if you could add this gesture to your meditation practice and your daily life as a whole?

Hear how Anita learned to love the idea of surrender, how it impacts her business and meditation practice and what practical steps you can take to bring more of this ease into your daily life.